A Little Daily Dose

Discovering Chinese characters through short stories

Author: Linzy

Learning a new language at one’s leisure is never easy, A Little Daily Dose is designed to spark interest in the Chinese language and accompany the reader during the transition between the first step and taking it further. Through four bilingual short stories, readers are encouraged to read English stories and pick up color-coded Chinese characters—a little at a time—with the support of an online vocabulary handbook.

By learning the character for Fish (鱼), for example, readers will learn that Eel (鳗), Whale (鲸), Cuttlefish (鱿) and Shark (鲨) possess the Fish component and most characters bearing the same trait are associated with, or derived from, Fish. The creators share how 鱼 (yú) Fish has the same pronunciation as 余 (yú) Abundance and during Chinese New Year dinner gatherings, having fish is a must to start the year with abundance.

Linz is a Chinese Singaporean designer who is currently based in San Francisco. A Little Daily Dose began as a personal project to aid her husband, Jon, in learning Chinese. Over the last two years, they have been sharing and improving it with other people who are learning Chinese. This might not be the most conventional way to learn Chinese but for those who are not ready to take direct immersion trips to China, or to sign up for classes with local institutions, or even think it’s a mission impossible, this might just be the perfect summer read.

This documentation of their Chinese learning adventure is a platinum winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2019.

A Little Daily Dose

Authors / Designers: Linz Lim & Jon Robson
Language: English & Chinese
Pages: 256
Format: 12.5cm (Width) × 18cm (Height)
Production: 4C print with open spine binding
Release date: 2019
ISBN: 978-981-14-0348-4
Price: 28.80 US$ (26.06 €)

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