ARLES Magazine #7 & Bioregional Design Practices

LUMA Arles

Author: Julia Kahl

The last time I was in Arles in the south of France and visited LUMA, I noticed two fantastic publications that I would like to introduce to you.

ARLES Magazine #7—Summer 2023

ARLES is a magazine rooted in a geographical region, yet open to the world. It offers a new perspective; a view from the south of Europe, shedding light on creativity from the Mediterranean region. Its perspective is independent, offbeat, exotic for some, and is the product of a region that has been buffeted by the forces of history yet retains a humanist heritage that dates back thousands of years.

REMEMBER TO DREAM: Artist Carrie Mae Weems speaks with Maja Hoffmann about the uprisings and hopes that inspired The Shape of Things, her major exhibition in the Parc des Ateliers.

PEOPLE OF THE RHÔNE: Aboard her half-boat, half-camper, Anita, photographer Yohanne Lamoulère travelled up the River Rhône, capturing a gentle, scarred land through her lens.

THANK YOU, SEMPÉ! Sempé was a humble legend who drew a poetic, optimistic version of France in his seventy-year career.

CONSTELLATION: On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of Diane Arbus’s birth, an immersive installation plunges visitors into her haunting corpus, still very much relevant to contemporary photography.

ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE: The last of the former railroad workshops has reopened its doors, after being renovated. Le Magasin Électrique is now home to the program Atelier LUMA

Publisher: LUMA Arles, Maja Hoffmann
Editor: Christophe Cachera
Design: Sarah Kahn
Format: 25 × 29 cm
Volume: 98 pages
Language: English, French
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Bioregional Design Practices

The book “Bioregional Design Practices—Pratiques de design bioregional” takes a retrospective and reflective look at the projects and research conducted by Atelier LUMA between 2019 and 2023. It is the continuation of the book Design as a Tool for Transition, which covered the first three years of Atelier LUMA’s existence from 2016 to 2019.

This publication formalizes and exemplifies the working approach and methodology that has been developed over the years of design practice in Arles and internationally.

Texts and iconography presenting the work are complemented by a series of essays by authors engaged in social, environmental, and design issues to contextualize Atelier LUMA’s activities within global challenges and range of actions.

The book is printed in tri- and quadrichromy on papers of different textures and colors. It takes the form of a folder, like a manual where different formats of documents and images are juxtaposed.

With contributions by Maja Hoffmann, Mustapha Bouhayati, Jan Boelen, Caroline Bianco, Louise Schouwenberg, Jane Withers, Anaïs Voy-Gillis, Amélie Klein, Nicolas Nova and Yaprak Hamarat.

Publisher: Atelier LUMA Arles
Editorial Committee: Jan Boelen, Marianne Dos Reis Martins, Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence
Managing Editor: Joanne Journée
Design: SJG / Joost Grootesn, Dimitri Jeannottat
Format: 19.3 × 24.3 cm
Volume: 280 pages
Language: English, French
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