art KARLSRUHE 2024—recap

art KARLSRUHE 2024—recap

International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art

Author: Nina Vollmer

Last week, the art KARLSRUHE 2024 took place from February 22nd to 24th—offering a wide variety of art, ranging from classical modern to contemporary art. Around 50,000 visitors were expected and about 175 international galleries presented their gallery program and one-artist-shows. Each year, the galleries cover 120 years of art history from classical modernism to contemporary art and also give sculpture the attention it deserves. The exhibitions are accompanied by a framing program and the special presentation of a private collection.

The Slanted team visited the fair on the opening day and went on a journey through the multitude of artworks. The wide variety of colors, shapes, techniques, and ideas was very inspiring.

A new dual leadership of project manager Olga Blaß and art KARLSRUHE advisory board chairman Kristian Jarmuschek aimed to further develop the concept of art KARLSRUHE and implemented, among other things, a new hall structure and customized selection of exhibiting galleries. Young art in particular found space there. The fair was divided into thematic areas in each hall: Classic Modern, Art after 1945, Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Paper Square, and Museum Mile. The Academy Square in the dm-arena was one of the new formats. Curated by Monopol editor-in-chief Elke Buhr, a total of 14 promising graduates from the Karlsruhe and Stuttgart art academies and the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design were shown there.

The highlight of the opening was the presentation of the 16th art KARLSRUHE Prize, which honors a galerist and artist of a one-artist show in a double pack. This year, the promising emerging artist Carlo Krone and the Galerie Thomas Fuchs from Stuttgart were awarded.

Each year, the art fair welcomes art enthusiasts of all kinds and showcases artwork across various price points, catering to both established collectors and newcomers looking to explore new art pieces. It was definitely worth a visit.

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art KARLSRUHE 2024—recap

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