Fuse Competition Security

Volcano Type gewinnt Bonuspreis



Eigentlich sollte Mr. Smith jetzt etwas freundlicher aus der Wäsche schauen. Wir haben mit Volcano Type den Bonuspreis der Fuse Competition „Security“ gewonnen! Eigentlich gibt es den Bonuspreis gar nicht, der wurde extra für uns erfunden. Warum? Keine Ahnung, wir werden mal den Neville fragen.

Hier geht es zur Auswertung

Stelle Dir Dein Gesicht zusammen

Die Verbrecher:

Nr. 1: Mr. J. Smith alias Nikolai Renger
1.89 cm, blond hair, blue eyes
He was born 1982 in Karlsruhe and refused to go military service. Right now he would like to study design. N.R. is the youngest of the crew and designed the faces of this font. Dangerous.

Nr. 2 : Mr. J. Smith alias Ulrich Weiß
1.72 cm, black hair, brown eyes,
He is co-leader of MAGMA [Büro für Gestaltung]. After his studies in Pforzheim he worked as art-director in Baden-Baden for JG & Partners. He is married and has two kids. He designed the poster of this font. Dangerous sniper.

Nr. 3 : Mr. J. Smith alias Lars Harmsen
1.93 cm, blond hair, green-brown eyes, big scar on his left leg.
He is wanted for being one of the leaders of MAGMA [Büro für Gestaltung]. Since he’s 12 years old he lives in Karlsruhe. As child his parents took him to Chicago and Geneva. After his studies of grafic-design in Pforzheim and Basel he founded MAGMA. He conceived this font. Aggressive, very fast. Extremely dangerous.

Nr. 4 : Mr. J. Smith alias Boris Kahl
1.75 cm, brown hair, green eyes
This 30 year old designer works with MAGMA since 2001 and designed over 30 fonts for MAGMAs font-label VOLCANO-TYPE, most of them published in the book VERSUS. He digitalized this font. Very athletic, close combat adept.


When there´s no picture of a „most wanted“ or „Missing Persons“, photofit pictures are used. Once drawn by hand, they are now more and more substituted by photomontage.
The personality is created with different modules like head, eyes, nose and mouth. The vague memory of a witness leads to the image of a „concrete“ person. Sometimes different combinations of possible looks are atributed to a same person. This new virtual image finds itself soon in thousands of archives and data bases. Anyone can easily have access to those images by internet. To increase security and help track criminals, unknown death (Mr. Smith) or lost and kidnaped people, government asks citizen to help search those people.
„Mr. J. Smith“ is a font-family consisting of 4 portrait-fonts and one letter-fonts.

The portrait font „Mr. J. Smith“ is a portrait-construction-kit. By layering the fonts „Head“, „Eye“, „Nose“, „Mouth“ one over the other, you can design over 7 million different faces. The font „Wanted“ gives you the possibility to join names and registration numbers to the unknown or most wanted persons.

What is nice about this font is the „surprise moment“. Just write a word , „security“ e.g., and you´ll get a nice shot of 8 different characters!