P22 und das Hamilton Wood Type Museum veröffentlichen HWT Unit Gothic


HWT Unit Gothic ist die neuste Veröffentlichung der Hamilton Wood Type Foundry, einer Kollaboration zwischen der P22 Foundry und dem Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Es handelt sich um die erste digitale Version dieser Schriften.

The Unit Gothic series was released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in 1907. This sans serif family features one of the first multi width/weight type ’systems‘, anticipating the Univers font system by 50 years. This set of 7 fonts was designed to aid in press room efficiency and its incremental variation in widths gave poster printers unprecedented flexibility in fitting copy while using consistently harmonious fonts.

Each font contains 600 glyphs including Greek and Cyrillic character sets as well as alternate characters which are based on the actual special character production patterns from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum collection.

The system features:

  • HWT Unit Gothic 716 – 50% wider
  • HWT Unit Gothic 717 – 25% wider
  • HWT Unit Gothic 718 – (Standard width which others are based on)
  • HWT Unit Gothic 719 – 25% narrower
  • HWT Unit Gothic 720 – 50% narrower
  • HWT Unit Gothic 721 – 62.5% narrower
  • HWT Unit Gothic 722 – 75% narrower


HWT Unit Gothic digitized by James Todd.

David Shields has written an essay for Slanted Magazine that gives a closer look at this font system and its place in history. Follow this link to read the article online.

Individual Pro font prices start at $39.95 USD. Order the full Unit Gothic family for a special intro sale price of only $99.95 USD (for all 7 fonts). This offer is good through May 31, 2013.

To view images, source materials and additional information regarding this release and other HWT fonts, visit the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry, here.



P22 type foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum are proud to announce a partnership that brings 19th Century ingenuity into relevance with the latest online technologies. This joint venture, known as the „Hamilton Wood Type Foundry“ (HWT), will see a large collection of wood type designs converted into digital fonts that can be used with the latest Webfont CSS and Opentype programming abilities. P22 is working with the Hamilton Museum and other collections of scarce printed specimens as well as actual wood type to render these classic designs into fully functioning computer fonts.

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