Inapa x Stober x Slanted

Author: Nina Vollmer

We had so much fun yesterday in the print shop at Stober Medien! In cooperation with Slanted and Inapa, they invited to a fun and sociable evening with many conversations, books, wine and pizza—freshly baked and so tasty! 🍕Not to forget to mention that the chef entertained us with Italian songs while baking the pizzas.

Inapa presented their new paper fan for publishing and gave personal advice at their stand. Everyone was invited to take a look at the large selection of different papers and get information and personal advice. During a short presentation by Julia Kahl, everyone could listen to the special nature of Slanted’s magazines and publications and the process behind the latest magazine Slanted Magazine #42-Books.

As a present, guests could take away a nicely designed notebook produced by brandbook. 📚

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