By The Designers Foundry

Author: hi1

Today we would like to share a new typeface with you. BurnType Studio and Foundry in collaboration with The Designers Foundry, proudly present the fully remastered Brik type family.

It is a zero bullshit type family available in five weights across regular, condensed, and oblique sub-families. Its blatant brick-like construction is honest, coarse, and unapologetic. The family features characteristic hard angles, chunky corners, and exaggerated ink traps that give it its distinct edge. These hardened features are met with subtle curves and strokes that add contrast and finesse to its purposefully rigid foundation.

Revisited throughout 2020, Brik is now whipped into prime fighting shape. The fat has been trimmed, sporting expanded glyph support, completely new kerning, and reconstructed letters. Brik looks great huge, but now works even better at scale. Especially with larger bodies of text.

Brik is sold cheap as individual slices, or can be bundled together in full variable glory. The type family is crafted with love and a New Yawk attitude by BurnType in 2020/21.

In keeping with the name of the font, a limited edition of 69 bricks with hand-pressed “BRIK” font in 185 pt Brik XL is available for purchase. If the brick is too heavy, A1 specimen posters are also for sale.

BurnType is a small studio specializing in creating bold fonts that balance function with expression. The studio is run by founder Michael Bagnardi in Brooklyn, New York.


Foundry: The Designers Foundry
Designer: BurnType
Release: June 2021
Styles: Five weights across Regular, Condensed, and Oblique sub-families
Price: $25.– per Style, $250.– for the full family


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