Buchbinderei Schaumann

Buchbinderei Schaumann

Important Aspect of Bookmaking

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Buchbinderei Schaumann in Darmstadt, where books have been expertly bound for over 60 years, also an upcoming book, wich will be released in the middle of June. Together with the students of the Editorial Design Master of the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, we were guided through the workshops of the bookbindery. We also gained insights into the exciting art of different binding techniques and craftsmanship.

This family-owned business is now in its third generation and has consistently pushed the limits of book production. Buchbinderei Schaumann specializes in creating exquisitely designed, high-quality books with innovative bindings and covers. With in-house services that include assembling, binding, and packaging, they offer a wide range of customization options, from printing on book edges to inserting CDs or cards, and various binding techniques. The company even provides unique services such as customized bookmarks, stamping, and the creation of frog pockets. They are dedicated to producing books that engage all the senses and collaborate with clients to bring their creative ideas to life. Many books on the German market have received their final form at the Buchbinderei Schaumann.

It’s fascinating to see the numerous individual steps, including the amount of glue, thread, cardboard, and covers that are necessary to produce a publication. Bookbinding is a captivating craft that often goes overlooked in the production of books. With this insight, we hope to bring more attention to this important aspect of bookmaking.

More Information about Buchbinderei Schaumann here.

Buchbinderei Schaumann

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