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Call for Entries Yearbook of Type 2022/23

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Author: Juliane Noest

Here we go again: After the success of the first five editions, the Call for Entries for the Yearbook of Type 2022/23 stars again! The Yearbook of Type VI will be published in autumn 2022 and will follow the same design concept as the fifth edition. It presents a selection of contemporary typefaces from larger typeface publishers as well as smaller, independent typographers and foundries in the form of a clear, comprehensive compendium.

Each individual typeface in the Yearbook of Type is presented on one spread. The left side shows a visual with a detailed view of the type and an initial visual impression. We will take a close look at each typeface and its specifics and then develop a design that shows its character, language support, styles, weights, and widths, special glyphs, OpenType features, and possible application areas. On the right side more detailed background information about the designer and the foundry is provided as well as a list of the typeface’s different features.

The catalog is followed by an index of all the included typefaces arranged by category. Short texts provide information on individual type foundries and an essay section offers sketches, background knowledge, technical information, instructions and descriptions from the world of typography. Additionally, it offers an overview and a description of the technical supports of each typeface and, as a new component, includes a key with information about OpenType features.

On the Yearbook’s microsite, all typefaces that made it into the book will be presented on screen. Users will be able to directly select, try or buy the typefaces. The microsite simplifies the connection between print and web and helps with a quicker connection between users and Type Foundries.

The informative presentation of the typefaces—in the book as well as online—serves graphic designers and agencies as a source of inspiration and can be a big help with selecting the right typeface. As a catalog and reference work the Yearbook of Type is also of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of typography and the latest in typeface design.

We are looking forward to another great edition with you!

Conditions for Participation

It is possible to submit several typefaces as well as custom fonts. Latin and non-Latin typefaces are most welcome! Every submitted typeface must have been published within the years 2019 to 2022. Typefaces can be submitted via our website until April 15th, 2022.

Are you an author in the field of typography? We also accept submissions for essays and advertorials by mail.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject submissions if they do not meet our quality standards (coherence within the glyphs, technical aspects, originality, extension, context, etc.). We want to ensure a constant quality of content. Therefore we check every application carefully and get back to you with personal feedback.

In order to participate in the project, there will be a production fee per submitted typeface, to cover the costs of the high quality production, as well as sending you one copy of the book.

In addition to the presentation in the book, we offer additional features on Instagram (114 K followers) with a booking.

Early Bird rate (EB) (+ VAT) available until April 1st, 2022
Regular rate (R) (+ VAT) available until April 15th, 2022
1 typeface: € 229.– (EB) / € 249.– (R)
2 typefaces: € 429.– (EB) / € 449.– (R)
3 typefaces: € 599.– (EB) / € 649.– (R)
4 typefaces: € 779.– (EB) / € 849.– (R)
5 typefaces: € 939.– (EB) / € 1,029.– (R)
6+ typefaces: 20% discount at a unit price of € 229.– (EB) / 20% discount at a unit price of € 249.– (R)

-25% Specials:
– additional booking of 1 Instagram story = € 75.– (instead of € 100.–)
– additional booking of 1 Instagram post = € 300.– (instead of € 400.–)

It is especially important to us to give a young generation of type designers access to participation. We therefore offer students (proof required) a 50% discount on the regular price. The quality of the submitted typefaces will be reviewed by a curational board of professional, independent type designers. This year we receive support from the team of Blaze Type again.

Get detailed information about the book, special rates for multiple typeface submission in combination with all Slanted online features, and our media reach from this PDF.

Call for Entries Yearbook of Type 2022/23

HOW TO reserve and book a space:
1. Get in contact with the number of typefaces to be submitted, your invoice details, and possibly questions.
1. Pay the submission fee.
2. Now your space is booked. We’ll get in touch with more information about the upload.
3. Upload the requested files and information until April 15th, 2022 (latest!) and you will be guided step-by-step through the process.

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