Charting Futures

A weekly video mixing live financial data & human curation to provide a clear picture on trading Futures


The collaboration between Bloomberg and the data visualization Italian studio continues, aiming to redefine the future of news media production. With Algo being a cloud platform creating real-time, data-driven videos from tailored design templates, it was the perfect match for Bloomberg’s needs to offer a concise weekly financial recap to a broader audience.

Powered by the motion design studio, Algo creates tailored experiences for each project, blending data flow and the mighty power of automation with that quintessential human touch.

The Bloomberg Futures video campaign takes things even a step further tackling this impressive friendship between human creativity and machine precision, and giving data an actual voice. The introduction of customized voiceovers and quotes by a range of financial experts (written & uploaded on the Algo dashboard) is a stand out feature that really speaks for a project built to resonate.

So, how does it work? Every Monday, right after market closure, the team have man and machine joining forces to show how financial futures performed during that week. With every video launch Algo extracts the financial data from the Bloomberg API and generates the tailored charts & graphics, while the Bloomberg team handles the content curation from the dashboard.

Graphic variety meets financial data accuracy, with as many as four graphic themes and seven color palettes generating countless videos, constantly adapting to content.

Algo also makes the videos social friendly and versatile: the landscape 16:9 format posted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & the Bloomberg website automatically shifts to a 4:5 social format for Instagram, losing none of its features along the way.

Take a look at the project now.

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