by Emtype Foundry

Author: Emtype

Get to know the Art Déco inspired typeface Classike by Emtype Foundry which adds an exclusive touch to your design.

Classike is a high contrast squarish display typeface. Inspired by the Art Déco period from a modern perspective. Refined and elegant yet with a mechanical vibe, it is ideal for pairing with any functional font, it works especially well with Geogrotesque, from which it inherited its proportions and soul. Classike adds an exclusive touch and helps enrich your graphic voice.

The typeface is inspired by the Art Déco period and street signs typography. While traveling, designer Eduardo Manso noticed that many signs combine squarish sans typefaces with high contrast styles of the same typeface. Those typefaces, sometimes lettering, thanks to the contrast, were more elegant and refined but had the same structure and conceptual essence as the squarish sans.

Classike inherits the proportions of Geogrotesque Sharp. The designer decided it was a solid starting point to create a high contrast sans. In the beginning he did several proofs to see how far he could push the contrast, but finally opted for a moderate solution to make it usable in a wider range of situations. Despite this, it still looks luxurious and elegant.

Apart from the high contrast that adds most of the charm, there are less visible details like the middle bar that has been aligned in several letters such as, B, E, F, G, K, and H and the numbers 3 and 8. It is reminiscent of the hand painted street signs, where the letter artist would use only a few alignment lines for all letters. These regular proportions emphasized the Art Déco look of the family.

Classike comes with just two alternates, M and R. Not a lot, evidently, but just enough to expand possibilities without deviating from the concept.

Pairing with Geogrotesque is obviously easy due to its origin, but also with any functional sans. The family include a Variable Font that adds all the advantages of the format (All in one file, low size, custom styles, etc). Although Variable Fonts are not fully established in the market yet, it is ready and waiting for that moment.


Design: Eduardo Manso
Foundry: Emtype Foundry
Release: October 2021
Styles and Weights: UltraLight, UltraLight Italic, Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, SemiBold, SemiBold Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic
File Formats: woff, woff2, otf, ttf, eot + Trial fonts
Price Single Style: from € 45.–
Price Whole Family: € 299.–


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