A Playful Contribution to the Upcoming German Election

Author: Franzi Haeussner

Design plays a vital role in this colorful and interactive contribution to Germany’s 2021 parliamentary election. Two playful, yet highly informative quizzes welcome users to challenge their personal political knowledge and “truths.” With less than one week to go until the big election day there is still enough time to quiz along at! is a project that has been developed by froh!, a collective of designers and journalists based in Cologne, Germany. Reflecting on the increasing shift of political and public discourse into digital space, they created a platform that combines background information on current political questions with a fun-to-use interface that animates users to interact with the questions at hand.

The visual approach of the modular design system is simple: three colors, a single font, bitmap images, and text elements create the interactive user experience. Two quizzes invite participants to test their political knowledge of the status quo, reflect on their own assumptions and possible “blind spots” regarding political “truths,” and express their own beliefs and aspirations for future politics.

“Which campaign slogan belongs to what party?” “Who should get 45 minutes of speaking time at the Bundestag?” “State pension or unconditional basic income, what is most appealing?”

Are you curious? Head over to the quizzes, put your opinion out there, and question your own views. You will be rewarded with a small summary on your political stance.

Find the quiz here and find “” or “froh!” on Instagram.