Bachelorthesis by Luise Klett

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Damaskuserlebnis is the title of the book created by Luise Klett as the centerpiece of her bachelor’s thesis at Bauhaus University Weimar. The Book comprises a diverse range of contributions related to the country of Syria. With input from fifteen distinct contributors, the publication provides readers with personal insights spanning Syria’s landscape from 1953 to 2022.

Amidst a media environment frequently characterized by coverage of strife and hardship within Syria, this initiative presents an alternative viewpoint. By means of the contributors’ narratives, readers are acquainted with a Syria characterized by other means. Drawing from the narratives of her grandparents and other key contributors to this compendium, Luise possesses an awareness that Syria’s historical and contemporary tapestry extends far beyond conventional perceptions here in Europe. In order to impart this perspective to a wider audience, she has undertaken the creation of this book. This work has several purposes: to highlight the constructive aspects of the Middle East while examining the intricate elements that contribute to the nation’s current situation. It is dedicated to better understanding different cultural contexts and highlights the importance of integration and unbiased communication within our social framework. This anthology of narratives serves as a poignant reminder of the power inherent in storytelling to bridge divides. Beneath the surface, it encourages to go beyond the familiar and to stand up for collective principles. In the past, as today, people all over the world leave their homes behind in search of a new future. The numbers of people fleeing are constantly increasing.

Collaboration forms the foundation of this project, illustrated by the partnership with LUCIA Verlag Weimar and the Wortschatz—Netzwerk Welcome Weimar association. The book’s pricing approach is carefully crafted: 15 euros to manage production expenses, alongside a 7-euro donation designated to bolster the Wortschatz Netzwerk. The remaining funds, allotted to LUCIA Verlag Weimar, energize educational endeavors and incubate fresh initiatives.


Publisher: LUCIA Verlag
Editor and Design: Luise Klett

Supervision: Junior-Prof. Stefanie Schwarz, Dipl.-Des. Stefan Guzy, Department of Visual Communication Faculty of Art and Design Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Format: 16.5 × 23.5 cm

Volume: 104 pages
Language: English, Arab, and German
Printer: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg
Workmanship: Thread-sewn brochure, OTA-Bind digital printing
Paper: 270 gsm Symbol Card, 120 gsm Lona Offset
Fonts: ES Face (Extraset), Suisse Int'l (Swiss Typefaces), Nassim Arabic Pro (Adobe Originals)

ISBN 978-3-945301-55-5
Price: € 22,00.–

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