Design Month Graz

What Now!

Author: Greta Landmann

Design Month Graz, taking place from May 4th to June 2nd, 2024, will exclusively focus on the theme What Now! Throughout this month, it will showcase the diverse services provided by Graz’s design community, emphasizing the significance of design to the public.

Asking the question: What do we need now? Our world is in upheaval. Crises and uncertainties dominate. Mere talk is no longer sufficient. The “what” and “how” of previous answers are not enough. We need a different “what,” a new “how.” We need new and different answers—solutions, visions and methods that offer a way out. One thing is clear: Not one discipline alone will “save the world.” It needs the creative power of many—it needs idea generators and implementers in many areas.

Starting with the Grand Opening on May 3rd, Design Month Graz will kick off a month full of exciting exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops.

Guests can utilize the services of the Design Clinic, where recognized design experts invite you to a free initial consultation and diagnosis to deal with design issues on the initiative of Creative Industries Styria. It’s very simple: you contact the initial reception center for design emergencies with your design problem. Additionally, Graz will be included in the 12th International Eco-Poster Triennial “The 4th Block,” which will take place globally in 2024. A total of 100 posters focusing on humanity will adorn the banks of the Mur River on billboard stands and throughout the city center. The opportunity to experience design away from exhibitions and workshops will also be provided through the format Design in the City. Companies and designers will present extraordinary products, unique collections, outstanding creations, and abundant information about the role design plays in their business. All of this takes place where design is lived with passion: in the stores and companies of the city. Design becomes visible as new and current design products are presented to a wide audience.

Creative Industries Styria has been organizing Design Month Graz under the direction of Eberhard Schrempf since 2009. For one month, the UNESCO City of Design Graz brings the concentrated power of the design disciplines before the curtain and makes them accessible to a wide audience. Thanks to the large number of partnerships, Design Month Graz radiates far beyond the borders of Graz and Styria and has a fixed place in the calendar of international design events.

True to form, we will be joining the festivities of the opening weekend of Design Month once more this year, an occasion well known for its ability to inspire and spark new ideas!

Design Month Graz 2024


May 4th to June 2nd, 2024

Grand Opening
May 3rd, 2024

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