Design und künstliche Intelligenz.

Design und künstliche Intelligenz.

Theoretische und praktische Grundlagen der Gestaltung mit maschinell lernenden Systemen

Author: Tessa Breuer

The vast collection of processes and systems traded under the name of artificial intelligence promise an evolutionary leap in the world of work. Design is no exception. Artificial intelligence not only optimizes design, it also expands the capabilities of designers. It makes it possible to find design solutions that were previously inconceivable. It also helps create completely new personalized digital experiences for users.

In order to unlock the potential of these new intelligent processes and create new user-centric applications, creative people need guidance. To date, however, there is a lack of a systematic overview for creatives on how to understand and use artificial intelligence. There is no fundamental study of how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for design, nor how it works as a design material.

This gap is now filled by the publication Design und künstliche Intelligenz. Theoretische und praktische Grundlagen der Gestaltung mit maschinell lernenden Systemen. Authors Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe explain in an understandable and comprehensible way what hides behind the dazzling buzzword artificial intelligence. They provide insights into the broad range of applications and potentials of intelligent systems. For the first time in German-language academia, cross-disciplinary theoretical systems are developed for artificial intelligence as a design tool as well as a design material.

With this book, Engenhart and Löwe show that design must be rethought. Because with artificial intelligence, designers can not only work on a new evolutionary level. They are able to design in such a way that the final design solution actually originates at the moment of its use being adaptive to the users’ preferences. For this new notion of design, the book not only develops the principles of good design and shows first practical steps. It also uses well selected case studies to show how good design can be implemented with artificial intelligence.

The book ultimately lays the foundation for the design of the future. It will revolutionize our understanding of how design must be thought and practiced.

Erik Spiekermann, probably the best-known German graphic designer and typographer, said about the book: “We designers have a new colleague, called AI. This book doesn’t promise easy solutions, but it explains carefully, understandably and, above all, well designed, what we should expect from the new colleague and how we should deal with her. It’s about time for this book.”

Design und künstliche Intelligenz.

Publisher: Birkhäuser
Authors: Marc Engenhart, Sebastian Löwe
Release: 2022
Volume: 208
Format: 205 × 257 mm
Language: German

Illustrations: 53
ISBN: 9783035625547

Price: € 54.–

Design und künstliche Intelligenz.

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