Druck + Design Konferenz


Author: Juliane Noest

On October 18th we were in Munich at the Druck + Design Konferenz (Print and Design Conference)—and it was a blast! The event, hosted by Grafikmagazin and Verband Druck- und Medien Bayern was filled with keynotes, work panels, and plenty of time to browse and exchange ideas—as well as snacking some fine pretzels.

A colorful mix of Germany’s creative community gathered at the beautiful location Die Macherei in Munich—students, enthusiasts, and experts from the print and design industry. It very quickly became very clear that the people present were united by a love of haptics and enthusiasm for quality print and design, all convinced of a future for print. At the same time, neither the attendees nor the speakers are naive when it comes to the question of whether print is dead and obsolete.

Keynote-Speakers were Dominik Wichmann, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Looping Group who spoke about the relevance of print in digital times and the urgency to accept the changes in the print industry and not to be defeated but to adapt to the new interplay of print and digitality. Following up was Kristin Janoschka, Executive Director Consulting at Peter Schmidt Group, who gave insights about her work as a consultant of brands, whose perception for printed products change and their appreciaction for them increases. Magnus Gebauer, Networking and trend expert from MedienNetzwerk Bayern gave us an overview oft he most important trends for the print and media industry, showcasing a yearning to move more away from digital and value the slowness and permanence of print. The day was closed by screen printing legend Lorenz Boegli, who kindly gave an entertaining insight into his unique RGB silkscreen printing technique, which turns the printing world upside down.

In between the keynotes, there were also many work panels where people could get additional inspiration and go deeper into exchange and discussion. You could also admire the exhibitors’ great products, which showcased an incredible variety of printing and refinement techniques and beautiful materials.

There were many times and places at the Druck + Design Konferenz where we discussed how the future of print and design is changing —what change can be foreseen, where the relevance of print might be and stay, how we need to adapt to changing circumstances and technologies like—of course—AI, what the opportunities are and will be. One thing is clear, however: the visitors as well as the speakers have no doubts about their passion for print and thus also about its future—even if the development will be suspenseful.

We are really looking forward to the next conference and the inspiration that awaits us there!

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