International Conference on Typography in Digital Media

Author: Nina Vollmer

The Typographische Gesellschaft München (Typographic Society Munich) is once again hosting the DynamicFontDay on November 18th, 2023, in Munich. International speakers will discuss innovative approaches and developments in typography beyond print. The conference serves as a gathering point for designers, typographers, and coders—offering insights into current trends and topics, including font design, 3D typography, accessibility, and generative design. The DynamicFontDay provides an opportunity to learn about the latest techniques, gain inspiration, and engage in exciting conversations. It is one of the most significant gatherings in the font and typography industry in Germany and allows for the exploration of opportunities and risks and the updating of one's own positions.

International experts report on the latest trends:

  • Ann Bessemans (Universität Hasselt) presents visual emphasis patterns using type
  • Kimya Gandhi (Mota Italic) discusses opportunities for expanding typeface design, using Devanagari script as an example
  • Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs (Underware) offer inspiration for future typeface design based on past experiences
  • Philipp Koller (burrowlab) develops parametric fonts for real-time type design
  • Sabina Sieghart (READSEARCH) highlights how typography can assist people with reading difficulties
  • Tina Touli reflects on creative perspectives in daily life
  • Vincent Wagner discusses 3D typography beyond superficial effects
  • Daniel Wenzel (DIA Studio) explores the role of automation and AI in typography

The forward-looking International Conference on Typography in Digital Media will continue to take place in the premises of the Designschule/Meisterschule für Mode. Additionally, there will be an online broadcast of the lectures.

A full day dedicated to digital fonts, curated by Oliver Linke, Tim Ahrens, and Antje Dohmann. The conference language is English.



November 18th, 2023


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