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LFT Etica Sheriff ist die Slab-Serif-Erweiterung zur LFT Etica und wurde von Leftloft in Zusammenarbeit mit Octavio Pardo gestaltet. Was ursprünglich als Auftragsarbeit begann, um der Grotesken einen Kompagnon zur Seite zur stellen, ist nun eine 36-Schnitte umfassende Schrift in drei unterschiedlichen Weiten, die sich durch feine Details auszeichnet.

Pressetext: The ability to span types of communication and take on various tones, from firm to forgiving, remained priority. And you’ll be glad it did because not only do details make the difference, but they give a personality to something as dismissed as the text we read.

The character details always seem to add the most personality. Notice how the serifs of the lowercase ‘x’ are asymmetrical. Or how the lowercase ‘k’ begins as unconnected in the lighter weights but becomes attached as LFT Etica Sheriff progresses toward its extrabold. Or how the capital ‘K’ uses a straight bar in that same connection to play up its contemporary side. And how the lowercase ‘c’ still feels like it has the same recognisable curve. These details reinforce Etica Sheriff’s always-approachable nature.

As with all slab serifs, Etica Sheriff creates darker text, meaning work can be expertly set with a lighter weight than you may have imagined. The serifs also mean it is a bit more regularised overall and so feels a bit more buttoned up — not too much, just a little more. LFT Etica Sheriff matches its predecessor’s towering x-height, making the lighter weights seem narrower and the heavier weights seem wider in their  stance. These and many more details give LFT Etica Sheriff the combined ability to have a genial chat and the authority to tell you it’s happening right now.

The LFT Etica Sheriff family has a total of 36 weights — from light to extrabold and in condensed and compressed widths, all with matching italics. This ensures expanded use while maintaining the same personality, and it creates an harmonious texture when combined. Together the family provides flexible solutions in situations where saving space is vital and losing impact is not an option, whether digitally or in print. The complete LFT Etica Sheriff family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

Be sure to check out LFT Etica Sheriff’s companion LFT Etica, the charming and sober sans with a balanced voice for any application.

LFT Etica Sheriff

Foundry: TypeTogether 
Designer: Leftloft in Zusammenarbeit mit Octavio Pardo
Veröffentlichung: Juni 2016
Schnitte: 36 Schnitte in 3 Weiten (Regular, Condensed, Compressed)
Preis pro Schnitt: € 31,5,-
Preis Familie: € 727,-

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