Slanted Tour Portugal with Opel


For the production of the Slanted Issue #27 – Portugal, we were in Portugal from February 6th to 21st. First stop Lisbon. From there we drove via Coimbra to Porto and back to the capital to visit 27 designers in their studios and conduct video interviews. Such a trip is often quite complicated: One has little time, has to find one’s way effortlessly in foreign cities, hurries from one encounter to the next, has a lot of luggage, is constantly hungry, is often tired and yet wide awake.

With this posting we would like to thank Opel, who supported us with a fast Insignia Sports Tourer. Without this help we would not have been able to produce a magazine like Slanted Magazine #27—Portugal, which was so expensive for us.

Often the set-up of this trip looked like this: Daniel Sommer (our photographer) was a master at packing and at the same time the most relaxed driver and discoverer of the numerous on-board functions (“… what the hell is the adaptive cruise control?”), Julia the best co-pilot, always with a view of the navigation system (“… we should be there in 10 minutes!”) and Lars sitting in the back, reworking interviews or on the phone (“… hey, tonight we were invited to dinner!”). Luckily the car was quite spacious and our trips were like a mobile office. We were unlucky only with the weather, it rained mostly in streams. Nevertheless Daniel got some good weather shots for Opel, which the brothers Kern von Bildergut reworked in their usual safe retouching. Also at this point thank you very much!

We were quite surprised about the print advertisement of Opel for the Portugal issue. Instead of the Insigna there was the GT (Concept). Memories come back!