European Design Awards 2024

European Design Awards 2024

Celebrating Innovation, Excellence, and Design Mastery

Author: Nina Vollmer

The prestigious European Design Awards (ED-Awards), an annual event that has been at the forefront of recognizing outstanding design achievements since its inception in 2007, is set to launch its 2024 edition.

Marking nearly two decades of inspiring creativity and design innovation, the European Design Awards continue to be a hallmark celebration within the design community. With a commitment to showcasing excellence in various communication design disciplines, the awards honor the visionaries and trendsetters who push the boundaries of creativity.

A distinguishing feature that sets the European Design Awards apart in the industry is its distinctive jury composition. Unlike traditional design competitions, the ED-Awards boasts a panel comprising not design professionals but eminent design critics. Consisting of editors, academics, and publishers—essentially, content creators who significantly influence and shape the discourse within the communication design industry—the jury brings a unique perspective to the evaluation process. This approach ensures a nuanced and comprehensive assessment of entries, emphasising not only aesthetic appeal but also the intellectual and communicative prowess of the submitted designs. The ED-Awards’ commitment to having content creators at the helm of its jury reflects a visionary understanding of the evolving landscape of design and reinforces its dedication to recognizing excellence in both form and substance.

The 2024 edition of the European Design Awards promises to be a spectacular showcase of groundbreaking designs, cutting-edge concepts, and the visionary talents that shape the design landscape. Designers, agencies, and creative minds from across Europe and beyond are invited to participate in this prestigious event that recognizes and celebrates the finest achievements in graphic design, branding, digital media, packaging, typography, and more.

Key Information for Participants:

  • Submission Period: The call for entries for the European Design Awards 2024 officially opens on Friday, December 15th.
  • Submission Deadline: Entrants are encouraged to submit their work by February 16th, 2024, to ensure inclusion in this year’s esteemed competition.
  • Results Announcement: The much-anticipated results of the European Design Awards 2024 will be unveiled on June 1st, 2024, during the annual ED-Festival, taking place in Naples, Italy.

“The European Design Awards stand as a testament to the brilliance and ingenuity within the design community. As we embark on the 2024 edition, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable work that will shape the future of design. It’s a celebration of creativity, originality, and the pursuit of design excellence,” said Demetrios Fakinos, Director of the European Design Festival.

Join us in celebrating the power of design to inspire, captivate, and transform the world!

European Design Awards 2024

Established in 2007, the European Design Awards celebrate exceptional achievements in graphic design, branding, and communication. The annual event recognizes the outstanding work of designers and creative agencies across Europe, providing a platform for showcasing innovation, talent, and design mastery.

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European Design Awards 2024