European Design Awards and Festival 2023 in Luxembourg

Author: Julia Kahl

In the heart of Europe, in one of the smallest countries in the world, with the European Court of Justice and citizens from diverse nations like few others, this year’s European Design Festival took place in Luxembourg! After experiencing a fantastic time in Tallinn last year, we were eagerly anticipating what Luxembourg had in store for us. From May 31st to June 4th, there were conferences, studio visits, workshops, a designers’ market, and exhibitions—a vibrant program that allowed visitors to discover creative hotspots. Design in Luxembourg? Yes, it exists, and how! Creative hubs are also emerging outside the capital—a fascinating time to travel to Luxembourg ...

Moreover, there were two unmissable evenings dedicated to honoring the best in design: the Luxembourg Design Awards, where Julia Kahl, Co-founder of Slanted, chaired the jury, and the European Design Awards, which attracted many creatives from across Europe to Luxembourg.

And we are particularly delighted to announce that we were awarded Gold in the Editorial Design category for the book The Nest by Scott Massey. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to this year’s juries (Branding, Print, Digital) who had to navigate through a record number of submissions.

The most successful agency of the year is honored with the Agency of the Year Award. This year, the award went to Studio Dumbar/DEPT®. The jury prize went to wijstudio for their Neighbourhood Campaign. Three projects also received the additional Best of Show Award: Fabrique [brands, design and interaction] for “Closer to Johannes Vermeer” (Digital), Dizaino agentūra for Klaipėda city visual identity (Branding), and Bloemendaal & Dekkers for the artistic annual report “Transform.”

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming year when the European Design Festival will be held in Naples, Italy. We encourage everyone to participate in the awards and wish you the best of luck for next year!

Photos: © Slanted Publishers & European Design Festival

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