everwave — Branding For a Marine Start-Up


Branding For a Marine Start-Up

Author: g31

The agency g31 in collaboration with Thanh-Thao Tran, Anna Fitzon, Stephanie Butzen, and Marie Volmar has designed the new branding for marine start up everwave: a start-up that develops sustainable solutions for global plastic pollution.

When the everwave team approached g31, their name was Pacific Garbage Screening. The old name was based on CEO Marcella Hansch’s master’s thesis at RWTH Aachen University that developed a platform that filters plastic in the Pacific Ocean. In the meantime, Marcella Hansch’s organization grew considerably and expanded beyond the physical screening of plastic in the Pacific Ocean to holistic approaches that target the entire (vicious) circle of marine pollution. These approaches range from education and awareness campaigns to innovative “Clean-up” products. To do justice to the ambitious new direction the organization has taken, the agency joined forces to develop a new brand world to inspire people around the world to support everwave’s mission to save the oceans.

An independent, typographic voice for our seas
g31 designed a new headline font exclusively for everwave, in cooperation with type designer Gabriel Richter, to give its mission a distinctive voice. Subtle, typographic references to water and waves create a typeface with a strong character that is friendly and engaging. The team round off the typographic system with a functional grotesque typeface that serves as an objective counterpart to the new headline font.

A strong symbol that is easily drawn in the sand
The new everwave logo is radically minimalist, yet reflects the most important facets of the brand personality. The “e,” formally adapted to the new headline font, reveals a stylized, breaking wave in the negative space that refers to the ideals of a sustainable recycling economy.

Sustainability begins in our minds
everwave’s new brand identity creates a spirit of optimism and addresses many stakeholders including the general public, investors, as well as scientific, and political partners. “After all, we are all in the same boat—global marine pollution can only be solved by working together. We are proud to be able to contribute to this ambitious goal with our work.”


Design: g31
Collaborators: Thanh-Thao Tran, Anna Fitzon, Stephanie Butzen and Marie Volmar

Typeface Design: nice to type
Find further information about the marine start-up here.

everwave — Branding For a Marine Start-Up

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