Fight for Kindness

Typography for Social Change

Author: Greta Landmann

Recognizing the falling off of genuine kindness in today’s world, Fight for Kindness is a global initiative calling upon the design community to harness the power of typography to promote the values of kindness. This project converges art and empathy to illuminate kindness, peace, trust, inclusiveness, and ethical integrity.

In its third edition of the non-profit Fight for Kindness campaign, TypeCampus urges any kind of visual designer to use typography to promote kindness values globally. Recognized for its impact, this award-winning initiative promotes typographical messages to inspire concrete forms of kindness. Sponsored by the Italian type foundry Zetafonts and with the support of the co-partners Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro and the TypeCampus team, Debora Manetti carries out this project alongside the talented designer Shrishti Vajpai, struggling every day with the time zone between Florence and New Delhi.

The success of this campaign is further attributed to the enthusiasm of the design community and thanks to the invaluable support of notable partners including Type Directors Club, C2Awards, Communication Arts, Indigo Awards, Typeroom, People of Print, Farmani Group, Hadath Alkhatt, the European Art Directors Club (now part of The One Club) and many more.

TypeCampus annually promotes a multi-location exhibition of selected posters to celebrate World Kindness Day in early November. The complete contributor’s catalog will be released in early 2025. Fight for Kindness seeks to demonstrate typography’s remarkable capacity to convey potent and transformative messages.

Be part of Fight for Kindness, let’s celebrate kindness together!

Fight for Kindness: The 2024 Call for Typographic Messages Is Open

The deadline for submissions for the 2024 edition is May 31st, 2024.
Exhibitions will be worldwide, early in November.

Credits: Tina Touli, Emiliyana Kancheva, Bhoomi Mistry, Victoria Englund, Nathan Bell, Leagas Delaney Italia, Daniel Caetano, Akshita Chandra, David Jon Walker, Amer Alissa

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