Author: Juliane Noest

flint*ype is a tool, an archive, and a curated showcase, that aims to make typefaces from FLINTA* (F=female, L=lesbians, I=inter-, N=non-binary, T=trans, A=agender) designers from all over the world more easily accessible. The initiators of the project Lilot KammermeierSophia KraycCoco Lobinger and Hannah Witte believe that through the use of FLINTA* typefaces, marginalised designers in graphic design will be supported, made visible, and re-inscribed into history.

Selecting a typeface involves considering numerous factors, and when incorporating a typeface into graphic design, its creation context should be purposefully taken into account. Commonly referred to as “neutral” typefaces, European classics such as Helvetica, Universe, or Times can perpetuate the Eurocentric and male-dominated norms of Western graphic design when employed in comprehensive design solutions. This, in turn, reinforces patriarchal structures within graphic design, hindering the progression of artistic discourse. The pursuit of FLINTA* type design requires dedication, acknowledging that it may not always be a straightforward endeavor. In this challenging endeavor,  flint*ype aims to empower the graphic design community to scrutinize established structures and strive for liberation from them, aiming to streamline and diversify individual type research.

Regularly bringing in special curators with their vibrant featured type collections will assist in moving away from a binary and Eurocentric approach to type design. This initiative aims to shift and redirect viewpoints.


Slanted-flintype-05 Slanted-flintype-03