Forward Online Festival 2022

Forward Online Festival 2022

Back With Oliviero Toscani, Paula Scher, Mirko Borsche & Many More

Author: Vicky Blake

We are excited to announce that the Forward Online Festival 2022 will take place in March again.

Slanted is offering one ticket for the Forward Online Festival. To take part in the lottery, please send an email with the subject “Forward Festival” to [email protected] until March 2nd, 2022, 11 a.m. (UTC+1). Legal ways are excluded. By taking part you are accepting the privacy statement of Slanted. Good Luck.

Forward Festival is a renowned conference for the local and international creative industries, established in 2015. The festival’s self declared mission is to serve as a platform for creative people and to promote inspiration and exchange. Protagonists from all disciplines of creativity are brought together in a program combining forums, workshops, exhibitions, talks, and side-events. Topics range from (graphic)design, typography, marketing, and branding to VR/AR, artificial intelligence, and architecture to photography, film, and TV.

Forward has made an impact internationally as an important platform for the industry at locations in the DACH region. From 2020 on, the focus has been on a hybrid event concept in order to make the program accessible to people across borders via livestream and interactive online formats.

The success formula of Forward is: It comes from within the industry and is authentic in its approach and content. The conference hits the right tone and sets key priorities as its initiators, such as Forward founder and curator Othmar Handl, themselves coming from the creative industries. Speakers follow this spirit and therefore contribute with personal stories about success and failure in the creative process, cooperation between the disciplines and their views of the creative industry. These ingredients add up to a wonderful, special atmosphere that cannot be experienced at any other creative festival.

After the smashing success of last year’s Forward online premiere with over 5,000 visits from 50+ countries, this year’s edition is extended to a 3-day virtual event from March 10th to 12th. Host Erik Kessels and speakers like photography-icon Oliviero Toscani, designers Paula Scher, and Mirko Borsche, Queen of Facefilters Johanna Jaskowska, 3D motion designers Eva Cremers and Alex Trochut, and many more want to bring back creativity in its most pure and ridiculous form. Join the Livestream on March 10 to 12th from wherever you are!

To really be creative, we need to feel comfortable and fearless inside our minds. The confidence and strength to be “ridiculously” creative needs to be regained during challenging times. “Creatives need to fight back now,” as Erik Kessels, host of Forward Online Festival, puts it. Founder & CEO of Forward, Othmar Handl, goes more than along with this opinion: “We want to show creativity in all its various forms. We have to move away from only presenting the seemingly perfect front of ourselves and our works and start to feel comfortable with showing the chaotic and raw processes in our metaphorical backyard.” This year Forward Festivals want to pull out all that hidden creativity and give creatives the confidence to take risks and cross borders again.

Forward Online Festival 2022

March 10th to 12th,  2022

Online Festival

Tickets: Several ticket categories, Livestream from € 55.– / Workshops from € 85.–
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Forward Online Festival 2022

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