Fetisch Zukunft

Author: Yannick Nuss

On the occasion of the exhibition Fetishizing the Future. Utopias of the Third Dimension at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen (December 16th, 2022 until April 16th, 2023), the museum published the artist book FZ. The exhibition as well as the publication examine the social mechanisms behind visions of the future based on the human striving for speed, freedom, peace, immortality, and sustainability.

Over the last 120 years, numerous ideas and visions of navigating the skies or traveling through space have emerged in response to focal points of earthly life. In our cosmos, characterized by fragile ecosystems, overpopulation, lack of space, scarcity of resources, and war, innovative technologies awaken promises of a better future, a world more worth living in. Can technology save the world and fulfill these human longings, or is it rather an instrument of power and marketing promise?

Conceived and designed by graphic designer Yannick Nuss, the 256-page publication unleashes a subjective approach to the exhibition themes. Readers move through the five chapters in the midst of an associative stream of images that challenge them to form their own opinions about the subject areas being discussed. The excessive image collages allow for ever new contexts of meaning and cross-references without losing sight of an overall narrative. Silver as an additional spot color allows individual elements to appear and disappear in light reflections in order to add a performative, three-dimensional level to the reading.


Concept & Design: Studio Yannick Nuss, Instagram 
Publisher: Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen GmbH
Printing: Druckhaus Köthen GmbH & Co. KG
Edition: 750 Copies
Volume: 256 pages

Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
Price: € 20.–


2023-01-17_63c6ac882d5cb_ZMF_FZ_7 IMG_7703 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d6a5_ZMF_FZ_17 IMG_7714 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d741_ZMF_FZ_27 IMG_7719 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d7c2_ZMF_FZ_33 IMG_7724 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d843_ZMF_FZ_41 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d8c2_ZMF_FZ_44 IMG_7757 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d941_ZMF_FZ_54 2023-01-17_63c6ac882d9bc_ZMF_FZ_60 2023-01-17_63c6ac882da37_ZMF_FZ_85 IMG_7722