LABASAD Introduces AI Subjects

Get Ready for The AI Revolution With LABASAD

Barcelona School of Arts and Design

Author: Josephine Schroeder

If you work in design and creativity, in 2023 you have probably asked yourself this question: will AI take my job? Can I compete with a machine that generates creative solutions in a matter of seconds? Should I keep training if my work will soon be automated?

Professionals wishing to start or continue training in graphic design, illustration and other creative professions are facing a year marked by fears about the future of their profession. Faced with this new reality, some institutions have begun to provide solutions to the emerging needs of professionals. LABASAD, Barcelona School of Arts and Design is a pioneering School that provides answers to these questions through its Online Masters and has already adapted its training to facilitate this: introducing Artificial Intelligence subjects to almost all of its Online Masters.

In an interview with the CEO of LABASAD, he tells us that although the automation of routine tasks or the generation of general designs could lead to job cuts, it will also be an opportunity for those professionals who know how to adapt and introduce AI as a powerful tool to streamline creative processes.” In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that the value of these creative professions will be outlined in three categories: originality and unique perspective (building creative solutions not based on an algorithm that repeats patterns); the ability to observe and analyze with a critical eye (having the theoretical knowledge and experience to understand when a project works and when it doesn’t); and the human ability to connect and convey emotional messages.

LABASAD has offered more than 20 Online Masters in English and Spanish specializing in Design, Creativity and Illustration since 2017. These have been created with a 100% practical methodology, with students and teachers from all over the world, such as England, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and many other locations.

In a changing ecosystem, LABASAD stands out for a teaching staff made up of active professionals and experts in their respective sector, where many of them have worked for brands with a global presence such as Adobe, Spotify, Apple, Ikea, or Netflix. By combining their profession with teaching and thus, knowing the techniques, tools, current trends, and needs that companies demand today, they are able to offer a unique and fulfilling experience for students.

The future has already arrived with Artificial Intelligence, are you ready?

Find out more about LABASAD on their IG and their website.

Image credits: 
1. Project by LABASAD Student Eva Landaluce
2. Cocacola Project by Mark Bloom, Co-Director of the Online Master in Graphic Design and Applied Typography
3. Project by LABASAD Student VeroSanchez
4. Project by LABASAD Student Juan Manuel Cellet
5. Project by LABASAD Student Clara Berenguer
6. Project by Marina Soto, Co-Director of the Online Master in Graphic Design and Applied Typography
7. Technofocus project by Mark Bloom, Co-Director of the Online Master in Graphic Design and Applied Typography

LABASAD Introduces AI Subjects

2_Cocacola-Project-by-Mark-Bloom,-Co-Director-of-the-Online-Master-in-Graphic-Design-and-Applied-Typography 3_Project-by-LABASAD-Student_VeroSanchez 4_Project-by-LABASAD-Student_Juan-Manuel-Cellet 5_Project-by-LABASAD-Student_Clara-Berenguer 6_Project-by-Marina-Soto,-Co-Director-of-the-Online-Master-in-Graphic-Design-and-Applied-Typography 7_Technofocus-project-by-Mark-Bloom,-Co-Director-of-the-Online-Master-in-Graphic-Design-and-Applied-Typography