First Issue’s Release

Author: Laura Nadvornik

The new Grafikmagazin is out now and proves: Print is not dead! Grafikmagazin, as the name proposes, is a German-language design magazine aimed primarily at professional graphic designers, creative agencies, and design students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Every two months, its editorial team presents outstanding work from the fields of graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, design theory, research, paper, and printing on over 100 pages.

When the almost 100-year-old magazine novum – World of Graphic Design was merged with the publication Page in December 2020, the former editorial team announced that by February 2021, they were going to publish a new print magazine of their own. Editor-in-chief Christine Moosmann, deputy editor-in-chief Sonja Pham and art director Tobias Holzmann will remain in their roles, while the former advertising and marketing manager Christian Meier will also take on the position of managing director of the Phoenix Verlag für Grafikdesign. Just like before, their passion for haptics will be central which is why special papers and printing or finishing techniques will continue to be used on a regular basis.

For the first issue, the editorial team selected the Grafik+ theme The digital museum. The exhibition designs and digital solutions they portrayed show how imaginatively and playfully many art and cultural institutions defied the restrictions of the pandemic.

Readers can get to know other creatives in the extensive Showroom section, such as the typographer Marta Bernstein or the graphic icon Paula Scher. It’s purely coincidental that for this issue, the team chose four female designers, but the representation of all genders and backgrounds truly matters and will continue to be of high importance. 

The Design & Research category presents interdisciplinary projects that show how science and research may creatively refer to and play an active role in graphic design.

In the Production & Publishing section everything revolves around the topic of print, here you will find exceptionally beautiful books, particularly refined annual reports, or high-quality embossed greeting cards. Here, the poster designer Dafi Kühne is interviewed; he was responsible for the cover of the first issue. He artfully combined old handicraft with modern elements, and even designed a corresponding poster, which is now available via the website.


Editors: Christine Moosmann, Sonja Pham, Tobias Holzmann, and Christian Meier
Publisher: Phoenix Verlag für Grafikdesign
Release: March 2020
Volume: 106 pages
Format: 21 × 27 cm
Language: German
ISSN: 2703-1071
Price single issue: € 19.80