Graphic Design Lab

Online Training Platform for Ukrainian Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Author: Tessa Breuer
Graphic Design Lab is an online training platform for Ukrainian graphic designers and illustrators, which aims to help young creators develop their careers in the European design community.
The Graphic Design Lab platform provides a set of video courses featuring prominent male and female designers from various countries, including Ukraine, Poland, France, The Netherlands, and the United States. Experts answer questions on various aspects of design, beginning from style and inspiration, illustration history and copyright, to portfolio building, working with agencies, and working abroad.
Graphic Design Lab enables you to obtain support and professional knowledge from the best graphic designers and illustrators in Europe. Lecturers include the following: Agata Nowicka, Gosia Herba, Hedof, Ines Alpha, Krzysiek Iwanski, Marlena Torzecka from Marlena Agency, Ola Niepsuj, Anna Sarvira, Ola Szmid, Patrycja Podkoscielny, Patryk Hardziej, Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv from Agrafka studio, Przemek Adamski from KijekAdamski studio, Dawid Gawel and Wojtek Siejak from Pigeon studio, Yonk Studio, Zosia Dzierzawska, and others.
Access to the platform is free of charge upon registration and the content is successively expanded with more courses and recordings.

The project has been implemented by Polish Graphic Design and the Pictoric Association with the support of the European Union under the House of Europe program.

Graphic Design Lab

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© Illustrations by Anna Sarvira