Exhibition Identity + Editorial Design

Author: blokdesign00

Today we want to share Studio Blok’s design for the GTA21 exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA). They created the exhibition identity including environmental graphics and printed publication for the museum’s exhibit of 21 local artists.

Greater Toronto Art 2021 (GTA21), a large-scale exhibition and new triennial—brings together 21 of the most energizing artists and art collectives working in Toronto and asks each one of them to consider: “What is urgent to you today?”. Rooted in the profound belief of remembering, storytelling, questioning, resisting, celebrating, and making, this identity and publication had to honor the re-imagining of a city and the artists working in it.

The GTA21 416 page publication, designed by Toronto studio Blok Design, includes interviews between the 21 participating artists/collectives and the curators of the exhibition, images of existing works and those in process, and contributions by writers Dionne Brand, Sheila Heti, and John Paul Ricco. Lightweight colored paper chosen for its transparent qualities, moves in and out of the book blending art and narratives as the exhibit itself.

GTA21—Toronto’s Most Exciting Contemporary Artists

Designers: Bløk Design / Vanessa Eckstein, Christopher Jessop
Editors: Daisy Desrosiers, Rui Mateus Amaral, November Paynter, Brian Sholis

Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto
Release: September 29th, 2021
Volume: 416 pages
Format: 19 cm × 24 cm 
Language: English
Printers: Artes Graphicas Palermo
Production / Finishing: Paperback, Exposed Linen Bound Spine
ISBN: 978-1-7776120-0-9
Retail Price: € 45.28, CAD 65.–


2021-12-03_61aa6f6a46e6f_D_02_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Inside-Cover 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a46f7a_D_11_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Multi-Spreads 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a46edf_D_08_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Stack-Spread D_10_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Julia-Dault-Detail 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a46fc7_D_12_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Index-Detail 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a46f30_D_09_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Oluseye-Spread D_13_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Book-Carry 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a47012_D_14_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Exterior-Posters_F 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a470f4_D_19_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Interior-Poster 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a470a4_D_16_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Interior-Shop D_17_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Tote-Bag D_18_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Floor-Intro-Vinyl 2021-12-03_61aa6f6a4705b_D_15_blok_MOCA-GTA21_Vestibule-Graphic