GUM13 Institut für Buchgestaltung


A Typography Special Edition

Author: gum13

The well worth reading, elaborately designed and carefully produced 13th edition of the GUM magazine, “GUM13,” published by the Institut für Buchgestaltung (Institute for Book Design) at the FH Bielefeld (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences), is all about typefaces and typography.

The magazine gives renowned typographers and proven experts the opportunity to speak on topics and questions concerning type, typography, Book and Magazine Design, as well as Graphic and Communication Design in interviews and essays and shows a cross-section of the best typographic works of students and alumni of the Department of Design at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. In addition to that, this issue documents how typography in postmodernism has almost completely emancipated itself from the typesetting trade and defies its actual “content-serving determination.” Some old-school typographers—in the sense of Kurt Schwitters’—might mockingly say that “Typography can be readable under certain circumstances”—but right or wrong and black or white are outdated by now. Long live the experiment and the desire to try it out! GUM presents typography for reading and viewing, for laughing and amazement, for stimulation, thrill and excitement!

With text contributions by Peter Bankov, Johannes Bergerhausen, Peter Bi'lak, Gerd Fleischmann, Juli Gudehus, Lorenz Hartwig, Anja Kaiser, Stefan Ostermeier, Josh Schaub, Martin Tiefenthaler, Kirsten Wagner, Julian Zimmermann, Susanne Zippel and many more.

GUM13—A Typographic Special Edition

Publisher: Institut für Buchgestaltung
Editorial and Layout: Lena Christ, Katharina Meier, Denise Albrecht
Art Direction: Dirk Fütterer
Photography: Patrick Pollmeier
Typeface: Chiswick, Paul Barnes, Commercial Type
Craftsmanship: Letterpress and Offset on the Cover, Hot Foil- and Relief Embossing
Paper: Munken Lynx and Print White
Volume: 148 pages
Weight: 570 grams
Format: 22 × 29 × 1.2 cm
Price: 15.– €
Shipping: Germany 3.– €, Austria / Switzerland 7.– €

GUM13 Institut für Buchgestaltung

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