Hero Typeface


Typeface by ARTHELPS in Ukraine

Author: Vicky Blake

ARTHELPS has been committed to helping children and young people in Eastern Ukraine for two years now. Children from the Donetsk region have developed the HERO typeface together with ARTHELPS. Now they need our help more than ever.

They have experienced violence, both physical and psychological. Their city and their homes have been destroyed. Bombs have exploded next to their rooms, turning their residences into ruins. For some parents, alcohol is the only escape; for others, hopelessness leads to aggression. And they are in the middle of it all.

Who are they? They are children. Girls and boys who live in war-torn Eastern Ukraine and for whom everyday life looks so completely different from what it does here. These children, who have received so little attention in their lives so far, are our heroes and heroines. They have their own language, their very own way of describing things in life. A unique heroic font was created letter by letter in our workshop together with type designer Fabio Biesel and Tom Lupo. The HERO typeface developed by the children in the Ukrainian frontline town. It shows their courage, their playful freedom and their strength of will.

ARTHELPS is an initiative of creatives and artists that helps people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in a very special way: through art. The various kinds of innovative projects give them a stage on which they can discover, get to know and live out their artistic potential. ARTHELPS gives them a voice. Because through the exhibition and sale of the results, their hopes and fears are brought to the public - and thus make new creative projects possible again.

Right now all donations from ARTHELPS are going to Eastern Ukraine, because they are helping with evacuations. You can donate here to help children and families in Eastern Ukraine.

Hero Typeface