Heute ist Besser

Heute ist besser

Stefan Sagmeister

Author: Julia Klose

The world is better than it thinks.

Just because bad news attracts more attention doesn’t mean the world is getting worse. In his latest project, international creative star Stefan Sagmeister explores the question of whether everything really was better in the past …

He researches facts about the state of the world in the past and today—numbers that encourage!—and transforms them into meaningful infographics. He buys oil paintings from supposedly better times and turns them into “data carriers” for his diagrams with a scalpel and skilled craftsmanship. This is how good news becomes works of art.

Stefan Sagmeister has mastered the art of vizualising the good in the world. With Heute ist besser, he delivers a book full of courage and confidence. In it, he documents his work, shares his thoughts and experiences with readers, and spreads dedicated optimism.

Make room for the beautiful and the good! In your thoughts and on your bookshelf: this book can be a first step!

Heute ist besser

Verlag Hermann Schmidt
Volume: 240 pages with 300 color illustrations
Workmanship: Thread-stitched, eight-page folding brochure with free spine and three-page silver leaf cutting in slipcase
Format in cm (w × h × d): 24 × 17
ISBN: 978-3-87439-925-8


Heute ist Besser

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