By Clara Hoppe

Author: Clara Weinreich

We are very excited about today’s release of INSTANT NUDES! For years, the collection of intimate instant photos of the creators of PHOTODARIUM Private, a tear-off calendar that brings together the most fascinating images of international photographers from around the world, has been growing. Now the archives are opening up and present a curated selection in this high-quality photo book.

In the photo book INSTANT NUDES the work of eleven photographers who use instant images to capture erotic moments. Some of the photographs are revealing, some more discreet. What they all have in common is their reverence for a beautiful body. Because of its authenticity, the medium of the instant photo is the antithesis of digital photography. Instant photos enhance the erotic-voyeuristic moment through their intimacy, uniqueness and materiality, often not perfect and therefore all the more authentic, provocative and yet differentiated.

In their everyday working lives, models are projection screens for social ideas of beauty. They are staged by the photographers and a whole staff of stylists and hair & make-up artists. It is different with the photography of nudes at home, in the intimacy of their private surroundings. 

The calendar PHOTODARIUM Private has been published since 2016. The tear-off calendar shows uncensored instant pictures with an artistic approach to nudity. Day after day a new erotic, naked, or cheeky instant image is revealed. A modern and young look at eroticism beyond pornographic clichés—by photographers and individuals from all over the world. Emancipated and honest. 

This project was brought to life through a successful Kickstarter campaign. We would like to express our gratitude to all supporters!


Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Design: Clara Hoppe
Curators: Boris Kahl, Herr Merzi
Photographers: Alan Marcheselli, Christoph David, Frank de Luyck, Herr Merzi, Jens Voshage, Luc Masson Todeschini, Philippe Galanopoulos, RRRDiaz, Solimano Pezzella, Stefano Questorio, Timo Schäfers

Text: Dr. Denise Susnja, Clara Hoppe
Release: July 2021
Volume: 192 pages
Format: 16 × 21 cm
Language: English
Printing: Full color
Workmanship: Hardcover with linen, hot-foil embossing, thread-stitching
ISBN: 978-3-948440-23-7
Price: € 29.–


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