item Magazin #1

item Magazin #1


Author: Sally Paschmann

item (Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) is the new student magazine of the Department of Design and Culture at HTW Berlin. The first issue of item (item Magazin #1) is dedicated to the topic “xeno.”

The prefix “xeno” originates from the Greek and translates to “foreign.” But what actually means foreign and how do you deal with it? What makes something different and is this so-called alien good or threatening? Which opportunities does the unknown offer us and how should we face them?

In the first issue of item, thirteen authors deal with questions like these and illuminate the topic for you from different perspectives. Students and teachers of the HTW Berlin as well as external authors have confronted the alien and provided inspiring impulses.
To capture the theme of “xeno” visually and to intensify the engagement with the topic, various anomalies and deviations from the defined system can be found in the first section. Some can be found at first sight, others have to be searched for a long time.

In addition to the discourse on the subject of “xeno,” 25 students of the Communication Design and Industrial Design degree program provide varied insights into their projects at the university. Just as wide-ranging as the design courses are, so is the insight that the magazine wants to give you: from photo series and illustrations through interaction design to font development and classic graphic design.

The magazine was founded, conceived, designed, and introduced by Sally Paschmann in the course of her bachelor thesis and is intended to provide insights into the debates, thoughts, impulses, and projects that arise during the course of studies. It provides a platform for students to introduce themselves and their projects and to consider their work in a socially relevant context. It also gives an exciting insight into the course of studies to external people.

item Magazin #1 – xeno

Publisher: HTW Berlin, Department of Design and Culture
Editor: Sally Paschmann
Graphic Design: Sally Paschmann
Contributors: Alice Rawsthorn, Kathleen Judith Hughes, Armen Avanessian, Anke Hennig, Andreas Töpfer, Decolonising Design Group, Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, Katrin Hinz, Sally Paschmann, Melanie Glück, Birgit Weller, Yana Milev, Rebecca Merdes, Johanna Zech, Badria-Lea Bader, Sophia Brinkmann, Hanko Ye, Tetyana Gryniva, Felix Sewing, Flynn Jorinde Pätz, Marina Engelhardt, Julia Krämer, Rick Lewik, Joanna Wilkans, Markus Windt, Gregor Jahner, Marius Bergmann, Basil Boyacos, Michael Brummer, Tutku Gülsu Sahin, Christina Wunderlich, Giulia Degasperi, Johanna Leißner, Jennifer Naffin, Felix Bamforth, Fabian Zaja, Lara Melinda Hasic, Dorian Hehn
Release: October 2019
Format: 21 × 27.5 cm
Volume: 144 pages
Edition: 500 copies
Workmanship: Offset Printed on different high-quality paper grades like Munken, Grenita, and ProfiBulk
Language: German / English
Instagram: @item_magazin
ISSN: 2629-6691
Price: 9.– Euro

The magazine can be purchased via Instagram @item_magazin or at the HTW Berlin, Campus Wilhelminenhof.

item Magazin #1

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