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kiosk magazine

Issue 01: Interspace

Author: lauraflethe

kiosk magazine started as a free project by students at the Münster School of Design and was then realized through crowdfunding. The magazine collects stories and impulses in a place where everyone is welcome, where a short visit leads to a long conversation and one drink to the next. A mixed bag filled with loud and quiet voices, with addictive potential and things that scratch dreams like scratch cards.

The team behind kiosk magazine wants to rethink the magazine medium. Therefore kiosk functions as a platform for all the different narratives, impulses, and images that have reached them through an open call and they tried to find commonalities and connections. The magazine can not only be read in a linear way, the readers can also follow the numerous hints and links that encourage them to go deeper into one topic.

How does it feel to say goodbye? What are you waiting for? Would you like to be freer? What is between us? The first issue deals with the topic of interspace and revolves around these questions. The articles by the seven editors and 55 other contributors on 240 pages deal with the gaps between an eleven-year-old’s teeth, waiting for a place in therapy, the isolation of asylum seekers, non-binary genders, sleepless nights, the visionary use of spaces, and much more.

What emerged from a free project at the Münster School of Design was realized through crowdfunding and was very well received at the Indiecon, an independent publishing festival in Hamburg. Kiosk now goes into the second issue, topic: play.

kiosk magazine–issue 01: interspace

Editorial, Design, Editing: Elena Scherweit, Jana Vogt, Julia Rosenberg, Laura Flethe, Leon Beckmann, Luisa Kohnen, Paula Götz
Contributors: 55
Release: Autumn 2021
Printing: Seltmann Printart, Lüdenscheid
Format: 19.5 × 25 cm
Volume: 240 pages
Paper: 90 g/m² Circle Offset Premium White
Bookbinding: Thread stitching, free spine brochure
Language: German

Typefaces: Suisse Int’l by Swiss Typefaces, Lora by Cyreal, Kéroïne by Charlotte Rohde
Price: € 22.–

Open Call kiosk magazine–issue 02: play

kiosk is a post office for parcels again. You can supply the kiosk with articles, graphics, photos, fragments, illustrations, poems, sketches, or even audios. Anything that comes to mind on the subject of play. Repackaged and arranged, the selected works will then appear in the magazine in 2022.

The theme can be freely interpreted.
Deadline: January 31st, 2022
Make your submission here

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Kiosk magazine

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