Lottery: Freshly Printed Paper Swatch by Europaper

Lottery: Freshly Printed Paper Swatch by Europapier

Author: Lara Zettl

There is no way around Europapier when it comes to producing print products that meet the criteria of sustainability and high-quality results. Their newest Design Papers Collection from 2020 is diligently curated, with great dedication, and addressing all those who realize the importance of using quality paper as a medium, awakening pure feelings in exceptional print products and bringing out the best of it.

As Slanted was especially curious about the new paper swatch, which shows now more than 85 brands and gives an easy overview of all the different qualities, we asked Sandra Schmidt, Europapier’s Head of Design Papers, a few questions.

As Slanted is a strong proponent of the aesthetics of print objects, we are very curious about the paper selector? Which ideas and thoughts brought it into its form?
It was very important that its aesthetics appeals to our customers. Because of the swatches size it is practically to flip through it, and easy to create an ideal paper combinations. Our assortment has grown over the years and so we created two swatches. Our wish is that it becomes a daily used tool for customers and that it beautifully decorates their desks and inspires to include quality paper in their future projects.

You created a selector which binds Europapier’s new design papers selection, which features make it outstanding?
We keep our clients at the heart of everything we do. This is why, our wish is to deliver the best we possibly can—and over a nine month process we put our heads together and meticulously create the collection. With the help of the specialists from Metaklinika—an independent design studio from Belgrade— the packaging of the Design Collection is flawless, looking dazzling and functions perfectly. While the inner life of the swatch is perfectly organized into six categories, within the papers maintain a high-end look which fits a variety of different applications.

In your formal language you are quoting a web/UX design style and subsequently building a bridge between the digital and the analogue, where does this idea come from?
Inspired from modern web aestheticism and data design and Metaklinika wanted to imbue the box, by imitating the infinite scroll from the swatches form to even its folding. In a constantly digitalizing world, paper continues to enjoy not only undiminished, but even new blazing popularity. It will accompany us also in the future as a multisensory medium and assume a dominant position when it comes to the emotional component of messages. It is particularly masterful when it comes to conveying value emotionally.

How do you make your selection of papers? What are the criteria?
Every year, stunning new paper developments are presented to us. In combination with customer feedback and needs, we decide about new assortments. Then, every other year we include all these news in the new Design Papers Collection.

What can you foretell for future projects?
In a world of digital senses overload, the role of paper will be intensified probably in future. We see an increasing trend in choosing one of a kind papers to underline stunning print projects, as haptics and emotions are undeniably transported through this multisensory medium: from creator to end user. From the Beginning up-cycling, i.e. the reuse of waste products or useless fabrics for new products had been a central issue. Social change, particularly in the area of ecological topics, will make up-cycling even more important in the future. We are definitely excited to work with creatives and curious to what imaginative projects will be launched with up-cycling papers.

If you want to know more about the project, check Europapier’s blog article about the new design paper swatch online.

Now you also have the chance to call a Design Paper Swatch from Europapier your own: We raffle five editions. To take part in the lottery, write an email to [email protected] with the subject “Europapier,” and let us know your postal address (for dispatch). The lottery ends November 19th, 2020, 11 a.m. (UTC+1). The winners will be drawn after the deadline and contacted by email. Whoever takes part in the raffle agrees to receive news from Slanted and accepts the privacy policy. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish you good luck!


Lottery: Freshly Printed Paper Swatch by Europaper

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