Making of Slanted Magazine #37—AI

Each magazine with a unique design

Author: Julia Kahl

Slanted Magazine #37—AI (Artificial Intelligence) is in production and will be out soon! The cover was digitally printed by Limego, no two are alike, each magazine has a unique design by the artist duo Crosslucid. The content was offset printed by our longtime partner Stober Medien on Fedrigoni’s wonderful papers.

Available for preorder at a discounted price for a short time only or subscribe to Slanted Magazine until June 30th and receive the limited special edition bag by LOQI with an artwork by Sofia Crespo for free!

Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_22 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_03 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_05 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_11 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_12 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_20 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_06 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_07 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_10 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_16 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_13 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_15 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_17 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_19 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_21 Slanted-Publishers_Druckabnahme_AI_24 Slanted-Special-Edition-AI-loqi-bag_08