Making of Slanted Magazine #38—Colours

Making Of Slanted Magazine #38—Colours

The most colorful issue

Author: Julia Kahl

Slanted Magazine #38—Colours is in production and will be out approximately end of October! This issue is sure to be the most colorful we have published to date. This is due not only to the colorful works from all over the world, but also to the production with various, partly fluorescent special colors from Pantone and HKS, printed by our long-time printing partner Stober Medien.

But not only the print is impressive: We have also made a colorful selection of papers from INAPA and simply mixed them colorfully throughout the entire print run.

The magazine is still available as a discounted pre-order until its release—or just subscribe now :)

Enjoy the photos!

Making of Slanted Magazine #38—Colours

Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_02 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_03 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_04 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_05 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_06 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_07 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_08 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_09 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_10 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_11 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_12 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_13 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_14 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_15 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_16 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_17 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_18 Slanted-Magazine-38-Colours-Making-Of_19