Slanted #40 Experimental Type

Making Of Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type

Daring with Type

Author: Juliane Noest

Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type is in production and will be published end of October! This issue is all about experiments with type—offering a glimpse into spaces that were explored by pushing conventions, limitations, and thoughts to the next level.

Printed and finished by our long-time printing partner Stober Medien, the Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type impresses with a beautiful double hot foil stamping on the deep black cover named Black Magic. The whole issue has been printed offset in CMYK—the glossy arto® gloss and premium uncoated lona® art alternate every 16 pages throughout the issue.

The partly used spot color from HKS in the essays and appendix makes a great contrast to the beautiful blue paper Pop’Set aqua. All papers have been supported by Inapa Deutschland.

Moreover the issue is thread-stitched and bound with silver cloth as a Swiss brochure by Spinner Buchbinderei.

The magazine can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped at its release—or just subscribe now, save money and never ever miss an issue again (and special edition, if you like) 🙂

Enjoy the photos and get your copy!

Slanted #40 Experimental Type

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