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Memberful Design

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Author: Tessa Breuer

Dutch design agency Momkai celebrates its 20th anniversary, and as a gift to the creative community in Europe and beyond, launches Memberful Design. This new publication shares insights to help build communities and design for belonging. First guests include Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa, global CTO of Greenpeace; Eddie Opara, Partner at Pentagram in New York; and Avery Trufelman of 99% Invisible and Articles of Interest.

Using podcasts, toolkits, and essays, Memberful Design taps into the experience of leading design practitioners. This is a show about design strategies that help initiatives create a lasting impact. Guests include entrepreneurs, design thinkers, and visionaries from across the spectrum. You can listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

Memberful Design is the evolution of Verwondering, the leading design podcast of the Netherlands. Now, Harald Dunnink and his team bring this award-winning series to the global stage in English. Every episode explores how to create more meaningful connections and grow active communities. From startups looking to grow their membership programs to NGOs sparking movements, Memberful Design has insights everyone can use.

Creator and host Harald Dunnink: “The project came out of a realization shared by many: We face increasingly complex challenges, from entrenched polarization to rising sea levels. None of us can solve these types of problems alone. It takes communities acting together to create solutions. The power of the collective requires the commitment of the individual.”

Strategy director Brenna Foster in Berlin: “It can be a challenge to break through the noise and inspire action. Where do you start? How do you connect people? These are the kinds of questions Memberful Design explores. To find answers, we’re talking to experts from across the creative spectrum.”

It is the evolution of a previous knowledge-sharing initiative by Momkai: the Dutch-language podcast Verwondering. After four successful seasons, the podcast nabbed an international European Design Award. In response, the show is transforming into an English-language podcast to help serve the larger creative community.

Memberful Design

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Memberful Design

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