—Your Mood Unboxed

Author: Slanted editors

As designers, Mona Kerntke and Anna Lea Trumpetter see it as their responsibility to develop not only aesthetically pleasing creative solutions but also those that convey a deeper meaning and a clear message. They enjoy experimenting with new technologies to think progressively in their designs.

At a time of growing understanding of emotional health, emotional research is becoming more and more important. We communicate emotions through gestures and facial expressions, but a large part of them often remains hidden. This is where the Moodbox comes in. The visual exploration of the topic encourages people to reflect on their emotions to support their communication. The focus of the work is the interactive generator, which enables users to create an individual image of their emotions based on a questionnaire.

How can emotions be visualized? How can emotions be combined in a visual system? How can an individual mood image be created? Based on Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, the Moodbox explores the relationships between emotions, colors, and shapes. Each emotion is visualized by a shape and a color combination. Within the emotion, subtle changes are made to create different intensities. By visualizing emotions in a 3D space using generative design, we created a flexible visual language.

The concept and the scientific base of the flexible visual system were captured in a detailed book, which allows a deeper insight into the bachelor’s project Moodbox.

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