New and Freshly Printed Publications by POOL Publishing

New and Freshly Printed Publications by POOL Publishing

Lost Spring, Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box, Pin Up Guinea Pigs, and B-Sides

Author: Lara Zettl

While switching through the news, we have some good ones for you today. Slanted Shop has refilled its shelves with some brand-new freshly printed POOL Publishing’s publications. We present you two books, a calendar, and one post card set, which put a smile on one’s face in those times.

Lost Spring
2020 was—and still is—a strange year. Starting off as self-therapy to cope with nameless solitude this body of work evolved into a documentation of 10 odd weeks. 10 weeks that didn’t line up with any other weeks before. With Alexander Kilian playful Photographs, composed and arranged but still containing the feeling of a snapshot, the world seems to make sense again. His photographic work is characterized by the precise combination between structures and colors captured together with the playful use of light and shadows. Brilliant!
Lost Springs in Slanted Shop,
22.5 × 29 cm,  2020

Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box
The Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box is a series about loving and longing. Dreams of Capri, Sirmione, dreams of Bellini e bacione. A series for the ones you love. Per sempre.
Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box in Slanted Shop, 12 postcards, 10.5 × 14.8 cm, 2020

Pin Up Guinea Pigs
Hi, there you cheeky little rascals. It’s us, Gin Tonic, Belissa and the other eleven showstoppers from the Pin-Up Guinea show. We knew you would land here, dusting off that old 2020 vibe. Ready for some well-deserved glitz and glamour for this new year. And let us tell you: we’re all here for that, honey.
Pin Up Guinea Pigs in Slanted Shop, 14 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, 2020

A compendium of outtakes, leftovers, discarded variations of motifs, actually visual B-Sides left behind on
Philotheus Nisch’s path to commissioned pictures for various newspapers and magazines.
B-Sides in Slanted Shop, 136 pages, 22.5 × 30.7 cm, 2020

POOL is a contemporary publishing house based in Vienna and Berlin with a focus on illustration, graphic design and photography. Together with creatives from all over the world we create unique publications, speak at conferences about our experiences and run workshops on artist books and self-publishing.

New and Freshly Printed Publications by POOL Publishing

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