On/Off Design

Lecture series Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf

Author: Slanted editors

From April 17th to July 10th, 2024, the Faculty of Design at Peter Behrens School of Arts, University of Applied Sciences invites you to join On/Off Design, a series of lectures with exciting contributions on current trends and tendencies in the field of design and interdisciplinary approaches.

On/Off Design

Wednesday, April 17th, 7 pm
Valiz, Astrid Vorstermans _ How to Work Better

Wednesday, April 24th, 8 pm
Igor Grubić _ Monument

Wednesday, May 15th, 7 pm
Stefan Sagmeister _ Heute ist besser
(presented by beyond tellerrand)

Wednesday, June 5th, 7 pm
Prof. Dr. Karl Svozil _ Quantenkunst

Wednesday, June 19th, 7 pm
Dr. Doris Krystof _ Forthcoming

Wednesday, July 3rd, 7 pm
Markus Ambach _ Eine Straße

Wednesday, July 10th, 7 pm
Prof. Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff _ KI – Macht – Ungleichheit

Hochschule Düsseldorf
Peter Behrens School of Arts
Building 6
Münsterstraße 156
40476 Düsseldorf

More information here and via Instagram.

Design: Lea Dittmann, Ludwig Galla and Marvin Glosch / Supervision: Daniel Seemayer

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