ONE Hamburg

Hamburg’s first social TV platform

Author: Arndt Benedikt

Defying the current crisis with optimism: ONE Hamburg is a bright example. Since concert halls are closed, just like stadiums and stages, the new social TV platform offers news, interviews, podcasts and concerts, which can be followed via livestream from the comfort and safe zone of your sofa at home.

“We want to give people the stage they have unfortunately lost for the time being—and at least digitally connect the city and its people,” say the initiators about their motivation.

All those involved immediately picked up speed and commitment. And in just 139 hours, the project was taken from idea to go-live. Part of the team is the design studio Arndt Benedikt from Frankfurt. Not only did they create the brand and on-air design overnight, they also took over the rollout for all assets of the various communication media.

It was important to Arndt Benedikt to create a positive design that spreads clarity and optimism in these turbulent times. The strongly reduced design system is based on surfaces, typography and color only. The bright color spectrum gives the design a positive radiance, the reduction to running text and headline level brings the message of the individual TV formats into the foreground.

After the launch on March 18th, ONE Hamburg has been broadcasting daily since March 19th on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or its own URL. All this set up to connect people who create and love culture despite the current crisis and to offer a digital stage. Stay Home. Stay Connected.

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