Ost Deutsch Now - East German Now - Sebastian Jung - Kerber

Ost Deutsch Now

East German Now

Author: Slanted editors

Sebastian Jung and the publisher Kerber released the book “Ost Deutsch Now” (engl. “East German Now.”) When asked, “What is East German Now,” Sebastian Jung’s answer is far from being one-dimensional or monocausal. On the contrary, his astute observations of all the unrealized promises of salvation are equally empathetic and witty. Revealingly, he intensifies and delegates the grotesque tension between oppressive solitude, consumption, and amusement to the beholders, whose laughter gets stuck in their throats. Despite its formal humor and wit, the works in Jung’s new book demand a distinguished discussion on violence, hatred, and solitude in East Germany.

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Publisher: Kerber Verlag
Author, Design: Sebastian Jung
Release Date: October 2019
Workmanship: Paperback, 99 Colored Illustrations
Format: 15 × 21 cm
Languages: German, English
Editor: Ella Falldorf
Text: Michael Arzt, Janine Dieckmann, Ella Falldorf, Osaren Igbinoba, Verena Krieger, Nhi Le, Sophia, Pietryga, Axel Salheiser, Sylka Scholz, Jörg Sundermeier, Christoph Tannert, Matthias Quent
Volume: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-7356-0647-1
Price: 25.– €

Copyright imagery: Sebastian Jung

Showcased Artworks:
“Meine Freunde sind nach Bayern gezogen, ich nach Sachsen:”
Intervention in may 2019 in „Fleischerei Merkel“ in Zeitz
“Früher hat er Pornos gemacht, heute sammelt er Flaschen:”
Intervention in September and October in Chemnitz
“Karl Marx im Einkaufszentrum:”
Intervention in May 2018 in the shoppingcenter “neue mitte”
”Zeichnungen aus dem Vergnügungspark:”
24.8 × 21 cm each. Pen on Paper. July 2019, selection from the series


Ost Deutsch Now - East German Now - Sebastian Jung - Kerber

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