Pictoplasma 2022

Pictoplasma 2022

Recap—Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art

Author: Tessa Breuer

We had the pleasure to attend the 18th Pictoplasma 2022 conference in Berlin on Thursday, September 15th. On the premises of Silent Green met a colorful crowd of friends of character design, illustration, game designers, and leading animation filmmakers.

It was a great day full of inspiring moments on the screen and in conversations with the high spirited participants and hosts. It was noticeable that everyone was very grateful and happy about the reunion after a long time.

The program of the conference was very varied and entertaining with talks, panel discussions, PechaKucha presentations, animation screenings, workshops, and exhibitions.

We especially liked the atmosphere at the puppet workshop of the Austrian artist and illustrator Claudia Six. During her talk before the workshop, she shared with the audience the visions she has had since childhood. Perceiving ghost-like figures in her environment inspires her work as a puppet designer for performances and stage designs for theater and opera. The workshop offered the participants of the conference the opportunity to become creative themselves and to design and present their own puppets in an open environment.

We are really looking forward to the next festival!

Here you get an overview of the entire program of the event.

Pictoplasma 2022

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