Postertown goes Postercity

Postertown goes Postercity

Posters for the Neubad Lucerne

Author: Josephine Schroeder

In mid-June, the exhibition Postertown goes Postercity opens in Berlin accompanying our publication The Neubad Plakat, which will be published soon.

“In the Swiss province, at the foot of picturesque mountains, on a quiet lake, a biotope of avant-garde design has formed. The self-proclaimed poster town of Lucerne has managed to merge the boundaries between art and design, creating a contemporary design phenomenon. We’re talking about the posters for the Neubad Cultural Center, which have long since found their way out of the valley and all over the world.” (Fons Hickmann)

The Neubad graphic pool, a collection of designers that design the posters for Neubad Lucerne on a voluntary basis, now consists of over 100 designers from all over Europe. Over the past ten years, more than 550 posters have been created. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Neubad and the impressive collection of posters has prompted us to honor the collection as an exhibition. A selection of nearly 150 posters will be on display at the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen in Berlin.

To celebrate this 10-year milestone Slanted Publishers is releasing a publication which contains every poster designed for Neubad over the past ten years. The book release will happen on the same day as the opening of the exhibition. It will be available soon.

Both the exhibition and the book were realized by Erich Brechbühl, Fons Hickmann, Sam Steiner, Lea Hinrichs and Sven Lindhorst-Emme—all graphic designers who are passionate about posters and books.

The exhibition is aimed at all those who share the same passion for posters or who simply want to see beautiful posters.

Postertown goes Postercity

Raum für drastische Maßnamen
Oderstraße 34
10247 Berlin

Exhibition duration: June 17th – July 1st, 2023
Vernissage: June 16th, 2023 starting at 7 p.m.


Postertown goes Postercity