All Days for Future

All Days for Future

Release: 06/2022
Format: 24 × 28
Price: 36.00 

Sustainability starts in everyday life: with the behavior of each individual and the products they choose—all day, around the clock. Getting up: What time? Brushing teeth: Which toothbrush? Dressing: Which pants and sneaker? Drinking coffee: Which cup? And so it continues on the way to the office, to sports, all the way back home: What do I cook with? Which couch? How can I charge my smartphone (which one?) in a more resource-friendly way? And finally, off to … which bed?

The book—a cradle-to-cradle-product as well—provides answers to around 100 of these everyday questions from the perspective of innovative and young designers. It shows how, in everyday life, choosing ecological and fairly produced products is not only a simple decision for the future, but also a way to improve the quality of life.




German, English


C2C, climate positive, Cradle-to-Cradle

Chief Editorship

Chris van Uffelen



Format in cm (w × h × d)

24 × 28



All Days for Future