Brand Cards

Brand Cards

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Ideation tool for brand strategists, designers, and creative teams to create mood boards and transform ideas into brand or design concepts.
Why Brand Cards?
Getting on the same page with your client or team when discussing the aesthetics of the brand or design project can be a challenge. Especially if you work remotely. What is modern and hip for a New Yorker is not necessarily the same for someone from Hong Kong or Johannesburg.
We’ve created the Brand Cards with a mission to create a simple and practical tool that would enable you and your client or team to quickly synchronize around the design direction for your project. This tool helps to avoid miscommunications and reduces the resulting back-and-forths.
The Brand Cards is also a celebration of the most interesting creative work out there. Have fun with this!
What's included?
– 200 Style Cards
– 12 Brand Archetype Cards
– 40 Brand Personality Cards
– 20 Tone of Voice Cards
Why choose the Brand Cards?
– Establish a common vocabulary with your client
– Facilitate a successful talk around aesthetics
– Discover the best of world-class design
– Create concepts and mood boards





Brand Cards